3 Reasons Your Marketing Team Is Failing At Digital Marketing

3 Reasons Your Marketing Team Is Failing At Digital Marketing

Is your marketing team keeping your company on the radar of prospective and current customers online? If not, you’re not alone.

Here are three reasons why marketing teams are lagging behind – and what you can do to help.

#1: Lack of Resources –  Not Just Money

One of the biggest challenges for in-house marketing teams is the lack of resources to keep their team up-to-date on constantly changing digital marketing trends and tactics.

Some marketing teams simply do not have the time to juggle continual education with their other duties and responsibilities. Others lack the expertise to truly know how to stay abreast of best practices for each of the platforms.

Just this month, for example, both Google and Facebook have made some substantial changes that affect anyone who is advertising on these platforms. In order to keep your company in front of your target market and be efficient with your marketing budgets, staying on top of platform changes is essential.

#2: Unrealistic Expectations of New Graduates

Another huge issue is the unrealistic expectations people have placed on recent graduates to be able to fulfill all of their digital marketing needs. We have all seen the job listings where a company is looking to hire someone who can do the following:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Website updates
  • Social media posting
  • Google Ads (pay-per-click and display)
  • Graphic design
  • Content marketing (blogs, white papers, case studies, etc.)
  • Photography and videos
  • Etc.

The issue is often innocent and simply due to a lack of understanding of what all goes into each of the above marketing tactics.

This analogy is a stretch, but it is almost as bizarre as expecting a single person to have all of the skills required to be a great CEO, CFO, CMO, and Human Resources Manager all in one.

When hiring this way, you get people who can do some things well, but ultimately leave your  company quickly because they are unable to perform at a high level for each area.

Furthermore, most colleges are just now starting to offer digital marketing classes. Better yet, few digital marketing professors have real-world digital marketing experience. Therefore, the expectation that these students learned all they need to fulfill one of these roles – let alone all of them – is simply not possible.

#3: Limited Focus on Reporting and Measuring Results

Few companies have actually taken the time to map out their sales funnel and tie each marketing tactic to their customer journey. Digital marketing and advertising platforms, especially coupled with Google Analytics, provides a plethora of insight on your customer journey. However, without properly aligning your marketing strategy and tactics with company-wide goals, you will not realize the full potential of online marketing for your business.

However, it’s not always about time. Many marketing teams, agencies, and business owners do not have a true understanding of what all is possible for marketing automation and reporting in today’s digital society. This statement is especially true with platforms that are always changing, making it even harder to keep up.

There’s a better way.

The Solution: Invest In Training and Consulting

One of the best ways to get your in-house marketing team to fully leverage digital marketing tactics and platforms is through training and consulting. Investing in your marketing team not only helps your business help nurture prospects and current customers through the buying funnel, but also sets them up for success (reducing turnover).

Through intentional, tailored consulting and training, your marketing team will be able to make better decisions that improve your company’s bottom line by:

  • Tracking and measuring results throughout the customer journey
  • Statistically determining where to spend your marketing dollars based on tangible ROI
  • Better understanding your target market and where they spend their time online
  • Knowing how to correctly setup marketing campaigns online
  • Gaining insight about how to remain abreast of changing trends
  • Learning how to integrate the expertise of everyone on the team in their digital marketing and advertising efforts

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