5 Tips for Creating Better Online Ads for Your Business

5 tips for creating better online ads

Is your marketing team creating ads for display or social media campaigns? Check out these 5 tips for creating better online ads to help take your ad game to the next level!

#1 Remember the 5-Second Rule

When creating ads for digital marketing and advertising, marketing teams can spend literally hours brainstorming, editing, and revising ads before choosing a set to use for the next campaign. Unfortunately, consumers will look at your ad for less than 5 seconds before deciding whether or not to act.

Marketing Tip: Spend no more than 5 seconds reviewing the ad graphic. Did it get your attention? If not, then take a few minutes to slow down your thinking and figure out why the ad was not effective – then revise!

#2 Create Correct Ad Sizes

If running Google Display, marketing teams typically have a list of the most popular sizes. In fact, the best ad size list is public knowledge and provided by Google. The issue typically lies in how people run social media ads, especially Facebook and Instagram.

When you create an ad on Facebook and allow that ad to run with the default settings, then it will take that same image and show it on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and the audience network. The issue is not necessarily where all the ad runs, but what those ads look like without uploading the correct images.

Below is an example of an ad I mocked up to provide an example for this blog. Notice how the first screenshot (Facebook desktop news feed) looks good. However, that same image on Facebook and Instagram stories looks really bad!

Facebook Desktop News Feed Ad: 

Facebook Story Ad: 

Marketing Tip: Turn off automatic placements. Check each preview before you run your ad and make sure you only run your ads on the options that work with your image. Alternatively, you can get a free Facebook Business Manager account, which will allow you to upload the correct size image for each placement. (Note: The last one is a more advanced option that takes some time to figure out.)

#3 Develop Ads for Each Customer Segment

Another common issue for marketing teams is often running the same ads to all of their buyer segments, which isn’t much different than buying a billboard on the side of the highway.

Marketing Tip: Create buyer personas (a fictional representation of your target market) for each of your customer segments. Then run ads specifically targeting each of those segments. You will get better results from your digital marketing ads when you target them to the right people with the right message.

#4  Keep Your Ads Fresh

Almost all marketing teams struggle with keeping ads fresh, especially when online tactics call for so many different ad sizes. However, digital marketers have found that ads are only effective for about 2 months.

Marketing Tip: Refresh your ads at least every 2 months. Keep your ads fresh, relevant, and helping to nurture potential customers down the buying funnel.

#5 Include Calls-To-Action

This last tip is the easiest, but is sometimes overlooked by marketing teams. What do you want them to do when they see your ad? Tell viewers the next step to take!

Marketing Tip: Make sure your marketing message on each ad is crystal clear, on brand, and includes a clear call-to-action.

These 5 digital marketing ad tips can help keep your ads relevant to your customer segments as well as optimized for each platform – helping your ads perform better!

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